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The Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook (removable cover band for security)

Price: $7.95

The Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook (removable cover band for security)

Tired of losing track of the websites you visit (whether frequently or infrequently), along with all those usernames and passwords?

  • Now you can keep them all in one convenient place!
  • This time- and headache-saving little volume is organized with tabbed A to Z pages, with space to list websites, usernames, passwords, and extra notes.
  • You can also record notes on home network configurations, software license numbers, etc., too, in pages in the back of the book.
  • An elastic band attached to the back cover keeps your place or keeps logbook closed.
  • Removable label makes logbook discreet.
  • Logbook makes a practical accessory for home or office.
  • 4-1/4” wide x 5-3/4” high.
  • 144 pages.

From the Publisher

The Personal Internet Address and Password Logbook

No more Internet headaches! Keep all your user names and passwords, along with all those website names and addresses, in one convenient place! Holds nearly 400 entries!

Whether you’re emailing, paying bills, or shopping online, this little book is for you!

Removable cover band and discreet cover design

Sturdy hardcover case comes with a removable cover sleeve — detach and discard it to help keep your Logbook inconspicuous and your online information secure. (You can also remove the title page, introductory page, and back cover sticker).

Tabbed A-to-Z pages for easy reference

Each page holds 3 entries. Each entry contains 5 lines for a website name, the site address, your login/username, your password, plus 3 lines for recording extra information about the website/account. Holds 390 entries in all!

Record additional details in the back of the book

The Logbook includes a page in the back of the book for ”Useful Internet & Computer Information’. Here’s where you can write down information about your Internet service provider and personal and work emails.

Note your ”Home Network Settings”

Record additional details about your computer set-up here. You’ll also find space for ‘Software License Numbers’ plus 5 handy pages for extra Notes at the very end of the book.

Practical Logbook is perfect for home or office!

Tired of resetting your login information?

This time- and headache-saving little volume is for you! Keep track of every new website and online account. No more sticky notes and scraps of paper scattered around your desk!

Elastic band keeps Logbook closed

A matching elastic band attached to the back cover will keep your book closed, or keep your place.

Subdued cover design

Plain black cover design helps keep sensitive login details under wraps. Achieve Internet organization at last with this hardworking accessory for home or office!

About this Logbook:

Each page has room for 3 entries.

Compact Logbook measures 4-1/4” wide by 5-3/4” high. 144 pages. Clearly labeled and lined pages.

Logbook pages take pen or pencil and are bleedthrough resistant.

Note: Keep this book in a secure place.

Our Company History

In 1928, at the age of twenty-two, Peter Beilenson began printing books on a small press in the basement of his parents’ home in Larchmont, New York. Peter — and later, his wife, Edna — sought to create fine books that sold at ‘prices even a pauper could afford’.

Today, still family owned and operated, Peter Pauper Press continues to honor our founders’ legacy — and our customers’ expectations — of beauty, quality, and value.

Image: Peter Pauper Press headquarters, Mount Vernon, New York, circa 1948.

The Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook (removable cover band for security)

Price: $7.95

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